An LNG Journey, Episode 12 : Spain – Europe’s Largest Island

With 6 LNG terminals, Spain is Europe’s most LNG-intensive country, and until recently the world’s third LNG importer. So, an LNG business developer not going to Madrid is a bit like, let’s say, a filmmaker snubbing Hollywood.

Today’s movie at the Teatro Real was in original version, without subtitles. The shippers’ meeting was held in Spanish. Questions in Spanish. Answers in Spanish. And for further reference on tariffs or scheduling rules, the « Boletin Oficial del Estado » is at disposal. In Spanish.

I don’t speak Spanish. Well, not true. I can order a dish of « Pimientos del Padrón » along with a chilled « cerveza » at the Mercado San Miguel – which is exactly what I’m doing right now, because I’m worth it. Maybe the place is lit by LNG : the peninsula is home to many gas-fired power plants.

The LNG industry is often criticized for its club mentality. Spain is no stranger to that game. The language barrier isn’t a big deal, but the concentrated downstream sector and the lack of efficient market makers still make it a coriaceous country for whom is starting from scratch.

Of course, once you’re in the club, you find it just fine. Padrón, bring in the second ración.

photo (c) Jean-Christian Heintz

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