An LNG Journey, Episode 11 : Ankara – It’s All About Flows (2015)

In terms of sheer beauty, Ankara obviously can’t rival with Istanbul. But at night, its streets become a striking demonstration of Turkey’s demographic vitality. Bars are packed with trendy youngsters and it seems like there’s a party at every floor.

Few countries have more convoluted history than Turkey. Until today, it continues to plays a key geopolitical role in many domains. Energy doesn’t escape to the rule.

Gas, first. Turkey is the only viable gateway to Europe for Iran and Central Asia, and a solution for Russia to bypass Ukraine. Many projects emerged, several died brutally, leaving their sponsors with a bitter cold war aftertaste.

Then LNG. Countries on the northern shores of the Black Sea, fed up with a monopolistic supply from Russia, are all seeing their emancipation come from the sea. But guess who controls the tankers transits through the Bosphorus Straits ?

But Turkey is not only a transit. Its domestic gas consumption is already huge, and its severe winters make it a strong spot importer. The beer is flowing, but not sure there will be much left for the neighbors.

photo (c) Jean-Christian Heintz

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