Spot on your LNG needs.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : From April 2019, Wideangle LNG will not take additional consulting and training requirements. We stay at your disposal by email to share further information.

At Wideangle LNG, we provide a broad scope of services to boost your business :

  • Training : we deliver in-house training sessions, right at your headquarters, tailor-made to the audience, from CEO’s and CFO’s to operational managers.
  • Advisory : we produce independent insights, from general advice on business environment to specific analysis of commercial contracts.
  • Brokering & Introducing : we facilitate new deals, thanks to our well-established relationships and solid trading experience.

Based in Switzerland, a country known for its values of reliability and excellence, Wideangle LNG strives to deliver top quality and maintain an impeccable reputation.

In 2018, Wideangle LNG has earned the confidence of large utilities, trading houses, services providers and industrials, both for Consulting and Training assignments, and has participated as a speaker to international conferences in Europe, Africa and the Americas :

Chart Clientele 2018


Photo Credit : Singapore – (c) Jean Heintz 2016