An LNG Journey, Episode 18 : Mexico – Building New Visions

I am not afraid of heights. But standing on 44th floor of Torre Latinoamericana, the endless urban landscape of Mexico City makes me feel dizzy.

Mexico is Latin America’s largest LNG importer. And the USA’s closest neighbor. Geographically speaking at least : politically, new president Andrés Manuel Lopes Obrador and Donald Trump are quite unlikely to become buddies.

Friendship is one thing, business is another. Pipelines are flowing billions of cubic meters of US gas to Mexican households. Watch out AMLO, the presidential palace might be heated by Donald.

Emancipation will come from the sea. Blessed with two coastlines on two oceans, Mexico has been able to import large amounts of LNG, but now can hope to play a shrewd, pivotal role on the global market : importing and swapping cargos, but also re-exporting a few very soon.

Torre Latinoamericana was built in 1956, years before the first ever LNG tankers. The building survived several earthquakes, a number of political shifts. It is now witnessing a new energy transition.

photo (c) Jean-Christian Heintz

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