An LNG Journey – Episode 6 : Japan – Small Fish, Big Fish

A multi-billion dollar business. Daily auctions. Crowds of busy salesmen. A trading floor ? No. Welcome to Tsukiji, the world’s largest fish market. It’s a few hours before the start of Gastech, the planet’s big LNG conference, where thousands of LNG experts take the pulse of an ever-changing industry. Two blocks from my hotel, Tsukiji is the ideal prelude to a busy week.

Whereas gas trading could be compared to hunting – shoot fast many small animals in the same day – LNG trading would be fishing : a lot of patience inbetween large preys. With gas, you can start trading with small clips of a few MWh. With LNG, the entrance ticket is 1 TWh (one million MWh). As a matter of fact, you cannot fish half a whale.

All must be checked thoroughly :
Ship compat – do I have the right boat ?
Specs – can I eat the whale’s meat ?
Econs – will the meat pay for the boat and fuel ?
Ageing – can I sell the meat while it’s fresh ?

Granted, fishing whales is not right. But as I taste the best fresh maguro sushi of my life, I decide that fishing tuna is totally acceptable.

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