An LNG Journey, Episode 3 : Lost in Transaction (2011)

This morning, I had mint tea and pastries for breakfast on the terrace of a hotel in Africa. Tonight, I am sitting with a gin tonic by the fireplace of a guesthouse, observed by a taciturn viking.

Two meetings in a row, forty degrees apart. No hassle of getting in and out of CDG. As a result, I am now digesting a mixture of orange juice, couscous, smoked salmon and licorice candies, and staring at the weirdest cabin luggage I’ve ever packed.

LNG is a global business. But as the saying goes, thinking global boils down – or does it boil off ? – to acting local.

As usual, I take a last stroll outside with my camera. In business, it’s often a matter of choosing the right focal length. Wide angle, to get the full picture ; or close-up, to examine a specific problem before moving to the next. Today’s meeting sounded like blunt bargaining, but was all about geopolitics. Tomorrow’s meeting is driven by deep commercial interests, but will be solved by engineers.

On the quays of Stavanger, the moored ships reminds me of the water, this element that unites the LNG world. But the sea breeze here has definitely its own smell, its own texture. Glocal … the name of a Swedish furniture – or a Norwegian cocktail ?

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