This is the moment where you stand at the crossroads and ask yourself questions about your near and long term future in the industry.

For some reason, you want something to change, you need something to change.

Is it a matter of hard skills ? Soft skills ? Is it a matter of management ? Or simply a question of work-life balance ?

We’ve been through this way too many times !

We help the younger generation of Gas and LNG professionals to grow towards their goals, to stay aligned with their values, and to make money – if this is what matters most !
Remember : LNG is a cultural journey. For you, for your colleagues, for your company… This dimension is the one that we place at the core of our work.

The trading floor is the right place to take action, but not the best place to reflect.
Sessions can take place remotely or can be in the form of an outdoors experience close to your home. Try it !

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Photo :  Bivouac in Bernese Alps, (c) Jean Heintz 2020
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